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  • This formula is the perfect choice to meet the growing needs of the active lifestyle of a one or two-year toddler.
  • This formula has been certified HALAL and it is made with 100% vegetarian products.
  • BIM Island Milk is an Australian Owned and Manufactured milk formula. This milk formula is designed to complement your toddler’s diet of solid food where it intakes of energy and nutrients that may not be adequate. Your little one is growing and becoming more active and requires more nutrition and energy which our Toddler formula aims to provide.
  •  It has been fortified with nutrients that are superior to cow’s milk and provide your toddler with all the additional nutritional support that is necessary for their new active lifestyle. Most children suffer from various nutritional deficiencies at the age of one because their milk and mild dietary intake is not adequate enough to fulfill their increasing needs. Therefore, this supplement is exactly what your toddler needs to maintain their active routine. This drink is packed with top-notch nutrients that not only provide your child with the nutrients that are missing from their diet but it also improves the absorption of nutrients from the diet they consume on a daily basis. The BIM 3 Toddler Formula not only meets the nutritional requirements of your children but it also lives up to the religious and dietary norms of your family. This formula has been certified HALAL and it is made with 100% vegetarian products, which makes it fit to be consumed by vegetarians as well.

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